Miasnyi Hutir is the embodiment of home comfort for modern consumers who value quality, environmental friendliness and locality.

  • Products of Miasnyi Hutir are created by people who not only love and believe in what they do, but also continuously improve every aspect of production: from safety and nutrition to packaging and taste. We know how to make your life easier and tastier.

  • Our products can easily deal with any culinary challenge. It goes well for a regular breakfast, lunch and dinner, for hosting unexpected guests, organizing a picnic.

  • Miasnyi Hutir’s products are always fresh and in a wide variety of choices. They are available at the local markets and supermarkets. Whether you are looking for a traditional cooked sausage for a perfect sandwich or want to try interesting new products, you certainly will find something to taste at Miasnyi Hutir.

  • The strengths of Miasnyi Hutir's products are the commitment to traditional flavors and recipes in production with an innovative approach. These products are modern and sophisticated in design, traditional and familiar in taste. We invest our competencies and development aspirations in attention to detail. We care about the nutritional value, convenience of packaging and aesthetic appearance of products. Distribution, a wide range of products, and a variety of package formats make our products accessible to everyone and satisfy the most diverse consumer needs.