We are not just a team of specialists in the food industry. We create new product solutions for people who are ready for a change. 


    “Miasnyi Hutir” is one of the trademarks of the “Dmytruk” company, represented by most beloved meat and sausage products. "Likarska", "Banderivska", "Drohobytska", "Elitni", "Miasni" and other well-known sausages are again on sale.

  • More than 10 years on the market

    The main business of the company for more than 10 years was and still is the manufacture of traditional meat and sausage products. To maintain our strong position on the market, we updated the range of the trademark "Miasnyi Hutir" by introducing the most beloved products, which once went under the trademark "Dmytruk".


    The products of the trademark "Miasnyi Hutir" are well-known products that we all are accustomed to purchase. You can quickly cook it for a dinner, make a sandwich with it, no Olivier salad can do without it, which, on top of all, will greatly savor at the festive table.


    All TM "Miasnyi Hutir" products are of the highest or the first quality, because we put quality above all. The taste of the products remains stable, which testifies to strict compliance with the recipes.